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Do you keep track of your carbon footprint?

AMIFOREST is an Amicorp Community Foundation project committed to minimizing Amicorp Group’s carbon footprint as much as possible. Our goal is to offset our carbon emissions from flying by planting trees. In 2013 we centralized an internal travel booking system which enabled tracking and reporting of all air miles our employees fly.

The project sprung in to life in 2015 when we purchased a 50-hectare property in the Chanco region on the south coast of Chile and designated this for reforestation.

In June of 2018 we started maintenance of the roads leading to the property “Resto del Fundo San Ignacio” and the planting of the first 10,000 trees took place.

We intend to plant a total of 70,000 trees all native to this ecosystem. This will not only help offset some of what we are not able to neutralize, but also contribute to a sustainable and global ecosystem.

In August of 2018 the Amicorp Chile team got their hands dirty and personally kick-started the planting of the first trees. This represented the first 10,000 trees that we intend planting in 2018.

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