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DLCC: One-step closer to realizing dreams

We will build the DLCC training facility in the village of Desa Les, which is a three hour drive north of Denpasar and home to about 8,000 people. The DLCC aims to teach 80 students during the school year and create employment for approximately 25 people at the center.
At the DLCC we intend to offer young people between ages 15 and 23 from lower or no income families the opportunity to access high-quality vocational and life skills training. This training will be offered for a minimal cost and with this the opportunity for them to overcome obstacles and positively move ahead in life.

Courses will focus on culinary arts, hospitality management, sustainable gardening, and cultural preservation. Our intention is to enable them to acquire skills that will provide employment opportunities in the dynamic tourism profession, effectively increasing their economic independence and improving the living conditions for them and for their families.

Desa Les Community Center

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