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It takes a whole society to raise a child

Tuma mi Man is a childcare center, but not just an ordinary one.

On the island of Curaçao, ‘Tuma Mi Man’ which means ‘Take My Hand’ is the day care center which the ACF started in 2008.

Fundashon Tuma mi Man believes that all children have the right to develop themselves to their full potential, ensuring each of them of a bright future. When parents do not have the means or abilities to provide the child with good care and education, the society is partly responsible to make sure that the child will be granted a fair chance at life.

Our aim is to improve the quality of life of the children of our society and to offer support for their families.

TMM delivers low or no cost high quality childcare services to children whose parents or caregivers do not have the means to provide them with opportunities to develop to their full potential. A third of the children at TMM from infants to 12 years of age hail from Curaçao’s poorest neighborhoods. They attend without charge and integrate with children from varying social backgrounds.

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