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Sanitation Solutions in Bali: Our Kamar Mandi Project

Since 2012, Amicorp has been active in the poor northern communities of Bali. Our initiatives to create holistic impact and self-sustainable communities include supporting a sustainable eco-tourism project, funding nursing training and salaries of a medical facility, development of a rainwater harvesting system and more recently, successfully delivering better sanitation to over some 725 families. We built kamar mandis (outhouses complete with latrine and bathing features) that provided health and safety thereby allowing access to more economic and education time to nearly 3,000 of the 8,000 people in the small community of Desa Les.

Following the successful completion of the Kamar Mandi project, we still coordinate ongoing training on use and maintenance of kamar mandis to educate the beneficiaries to its full benefits to ensure maximum returns on investment. We plan to follow up training sessions to assess the extent to which having an enclosed kamar mandi has had on their health and daily life of the recipients.

More for Les

In this book we want to reflect on our experiences with one of our Corporate Social Responsibility projects in Bali. We want to celebrate the hard work of the people who were involved, and we want to thank the people who contributed something of themselves to the effort. But most of all we want to inspire ‘others’ to think about supporting some worthy cause or another, to do something for fellow human beings in need and to contribute in some way or another to a more balanced and fair society.

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